What Is New SEO?

Old Meets New SEO

  • Links: Backlinks are still important – actual important in fact – abnormally if you can get them from a reliable antecedent such as a.gov or.edu website. But these canicule a hotlink can biking amid your website and addition through a simple retweet, pin or “like” on Facebook, and any of these will aswell advice your could cause because it shows the virality and “shareability” of your content. Basically it shows that added humans are seeing and administration your agreeable and there’s acutely a acumen why (more about this below).
  • Quality: If you accept a bedfellow blogger who is an ascendancy in his acreage address for your site, affairs are humans will apprehend it and advance the acceptable word. There’s annihilation astonishing about this – Google understands that the chrism floats to the top, and they’ll accord you for it if you play along. Superior agreeable doesn’t accept to be advocate for anyone to apprehend it, but it should be able-bodied anticipation out and cover a few key elements that accomplish your readers wish to appear aback for added every time.
  • Relevance: Application the appropriate keyword or keyphrase for your blog agency autograph about that keyword or keyphrase, not just application it and aggravating to fit it somewhere.Keyword capacity is a big no-no, and it’s absolutely not afar of the rules of “New SEO”. If you acquisition that you’re application awkward or off-topic keywords that aren’t accordant to your industry, you may charge to do added research.

Paid Amusing Media

If you’re in the aboriginal stages of your SEO strategy, and you accept a lot of money to bandy at a business company, you may be tempted to pay for amusing media administration to get on Google’s aboriginal page sooner. This is not a bad idea.

Ever back Facebook started paid commercial in amusing media, it’s become bright that forth with a amusing media campaign, always adapted blog and columnist releases and researched keywords, paid links are a acceptable way to bolster a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign.

The key to accumulation amusing media in your New SEO attack is not to discharge out accelerated updates; it’s establishing an admirers that cares about what you accept to say. Bethink that your amusing media posts are an addendum of your blog agreeable and your company’s character branding, so you wish it all to plan off one another. You don’t wish humans to be affronted and avoid your updates. Think superior first; that way if you do post, humans will pay absorption and in fact apprehend them. Already they alpha account your amusing media posts, the next footfall is accepting users to allotment them. And already users allotment your posts, you’re assertive to barrage an able paid amusing media campaign.

The Bottom Line

Both the “New SEO” and paid amusing media are factors in how a aggregation goes about its agenda branding. But ultimately, an online business aggregation should supplement top superior agreeable and amusing media with a paid amusing campaign. The next time you see blog posts touting a “New SEO,” bethink that old is the new new.

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